Maurice Leblanc – A Bibliography

Most of Leblanc’s work was about the suave and sophisticated Arsene Lupin, but he experimented with other genres and published two Sci-Fi novels. Leblanc contribution to French literature earned him a prestigious honour and a notable place in literary history. As his main character, Lupin evolves from a mastermind criminal into an occasional police assistant, who loves diamonds, challenges, beautiful women and good wine. Many of Leblanc’s books were also published in English and his writing includes:

1893 Une Femme
1897 Armelle et Claude
1898 Voici des Ailes
1899 Les Levres Jointes
1901 L’Enthousiasme & Un Vilian Couple
1904 Guele Rouge & 80 Chevaux
1906 La Pitie – A play
1909 L’Aiguille CreuseThe Hollow Needle
1910 813 – One of the most popular Lupin novels, the protagonist is accused of murder and works closely with the police to find the real killer. The author himself became a police consultant and this change was reflected in the novels about his gentleman thief.
1911 La Frontiere – The Frontier
1919 Les Troix Yeux – The first of Leblanc’s Sci-Fi novels, The Three Eyes, and is about a scientist that makes televisual contact with aliens that have three eyes.
1920 – La Robe d’ecaille Rose & Le Formidable Evenement – Soon after contact with the aliens, LeBlanc writes another Sci-Fi novel, The Tremendous Event, where a land mass is created between France and England because of an earthquake.
1922 Le Cercle Rouge
1923 Dorothee, Danseuse de Corde – This book was also published with two different titles in English: Dorothy the Rope Dancer (UK) and The Secret Tomb (US)
1925 La Vie Extravagante de Balthazar
1930 Le Prince de JerichoMan of Mystery
1932 Le Clefs Mysterieuses
1933 La Floret des Adventures
1934 Le Chapelet Rouge & L’Image de la Femme NueWanton Venus
1935 Le Scandale du Gazon Bleu
1937 De Minuit a Sept Heures From Midnight to Morning