Louis Tracy – A Bibliography

With an extensive career in fiction, Louis Tracy wrote articles for press release, collaborations, short stories and novels, also using the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser. Some of his greatest works included:

1885 Magnay Mallonder: A Brief Memoir of a Short Life – An autobiographical piece that Tracy wrote before he began publishing his fiction.
1891 Marvin’s Letters to the ‘Morning Post’
1892 ‘Tracy Yarns of an Indian Ghost,’ – Published after a discussion about phantoms in India with other members of the Idlers’ Club & What I Saw in India. The Adventures of a Globetrotter.
1893 ‘Tracy Describes a Christian Rocket’
1894 A Bimettalic Mystery, What Happened on the Indus. A Tale of the Frontier, ‘Tracy Illustrates,’ & ‘Tracy Muses,’
1895 The Cholera Cloud & ‘Louis Tracy Says that Most Women are Stupid’
1896 At the Royal Military Tournament, Chandhi Bhai, The Dancing Girl. A Panthon Love Story – Co-written by Minnie Anderson, Do the Americans Really Hate Us? & The Final War: A Story of the Great Betrayal
1897 The Shadow-Hand, The Man Who Wrote the Final War – An interview that Tracy recorded & An American Emperor: A Story of the Fourth Emperor of France
1898 The Lost Provinces & Meeting the Sun. Some Anglo-Indian Snapshots with Occasional Verses.
1899 The Adventures of Sirdar Mohammed Khan
1900 The Invaders
1901 The Great Strike, ‘Bobs’ An Unrecorded Campaign & The Strange Disappearance of Lady Delia – Later lightly revised and republished as Gordon Holmes
1902 Link by Link & The Wooing of Esther Gray
1903 Crif Columbus, A Matter of Initials, The King of the Seas – A poem, A Fatal Legacy, Princess Kate, The Darkest Hour, The Wings of the Morning & The Revellers.
1904 That Dreffel Sea-Cow, Hazard & Heroism, The Albert Gate Mystery: Further adventures of Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective, The King of Diamonds, The Evil that Men Do – collaboration with M. P. Shiel & The Morganatic Wife.
1905 The Pillar of Light, Souls of Fire, The Confessions of a Hotel Manager: I, II, III & IV, Karl Grier: The Strange Story of a Man with a Sixth Sense, The Arncliffe Puzzle (Gordon Holmes), The Sirdar’s Sabre, The King’s Messenger, The Winning of Winifred & The Great Mogul
1906 At the Court of the Maharaja & Waifs of Circumstance
1906 A Mysterious Disappearnce, The Late Tenant & The Whiff of Violets – All three of these stories were written using the Gordon Holmes pseudonym.
1907 The Red Year, The Red Year: A Story of the Indian Mutiny, The Wheel o’ Fortune, Minkie & Three Mice and a Maid (Robert Fraser)
1908 The Queen’s Locket, At Sea, The Message & The Cholera Cloud
1909 The Silent Barrier, How Rabbi Burns Built the Chapel, The Son of the Immortals, By Force of Circumstances (Gordon Holmes), The Stowaway & A Son of Immortals.
1910 The Snake Stone, Cynthia’s Chauffeur & The Silent Barrier
1910 The Feldisham Mystery: A Story of Passion & The De Bercy Affair – Both written as Gordon Holmes
1911 The House of Silence
1912 The Real Thing, Mirabel’s Island, No Other Way & One Wonderful Night: A romance of New York
1913 A Mysterious Disappearance & The Terms of Surrender
1914 One Wonderful Night, Sylvia’s Suitors, The House ‘round the Corner & Diana of the Moors
1915 Using Motor Cars in Spy Work in Yorkshire, Flower of the Gorse, The Stowmarket Mystery, The Albert Gate Mystery, The Day of Wrath, The Case of Mortimer Fenley & His Unknown Wife.
1916 Diana of the Moorland, A Briton’s Bitter Work on Preparedness, Number 17, The Queer Case of S. Windell-Smith, The Postmaster’s Daughter, The Grip of Evil, The Yellow Menace & The Correct Formula
1917 England’s Writers Bowed Down by War, For a Day of Prayer, How ‘Lofty’ Came to Earth & Heavenly Bliss and Co.
1918 Father Peter Mary, Whose Money, Great Britain’s Four Years of War & Blow Hot, Blow Cold
1920 The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley
1921 Westminster Abbey – Letter to editor encouraging a fundraiser to restore the Abbey.
1922 The House of Peril
1923 The Pelham Affair & The Turning Point
1924 The Token & The Passing of Charles Lanson
1925 The Black Cat
1926 The Law of the Talon & The Gleave Mystery
1927 A Mysterious Disappearance, The Third Miracle & The Women of the Case
1928 The One Girl in a Million & ‘What Would You Have Done?’