Lawrence L. Lynch – Pseudonym for a Detective Author

Emma Murdock Van Deventer wrote several detective novels under the male pseudonym Lawrence L Lynch, between 1870 and 1912. She chose to use a man’s name, as stories written during the period were better received by publishers, and readers, if they believed the writer was male. Most of her books were published in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Emma Murdock was born in Oswego, Illinois on January 16, 1853, to Charles and Emily Murdock. She married Dr. A E Van Deventer on July 12, 1887, and continued to write until ill health caused her to cease in 1912. Mrs Van Deventer died in May 1914, after suffering two strokes, the first of which she had made a full recovery from. Emma Murdock Van Deventer was buried in the Riverside Cemetary, Illinois.