Lawrence L Lynch – A Bibliography

Van Deventer wrote more than two dozen detective books, under the name Lawrence Lynch, releasing most of them during the 1880s and 1890s. She included the word ‘detective’ in many of her titles, as an indication of what the stories were about. The Lawrence L. Lynch publications include:

1884 Shadowed by Three – The detective in this story was a feisty female, Lenore Armyn. The book received positive reviews, such as “the elements of ‘a detective story’ are well known and we say deliberately that none worthier than the name has appeared in a long time.”
1887 Out of a Labyrinth, The Diamond Coterie: A Detective Story, The Rival Detectives: or Dangerous Ground & The Detective’s Daughter: or Madeline Payne.
1888 The Mountain Mystery: or, Outlaws of the Rockies: A Detective Story
1890 The Lost Witness: or The Mystery of Leah Paget
1891 Moina: A Detective Story & A Slender Clue: or, The Mystery of Mardi Graz. A Detective Story.
1893 A Dead Man’s Step: A Detective Story
1894 Against Odds: A Detective Story
1895 No Proof: A Detective Story
1897 The Last Stroke: A Detective Story – A school teacher’s death sparks a mystery that his students and under-teacher attempt to solve. The story leads readers through an interesting maze, as they follow the steps that the team take to discover who the killer is.
1899 The Unseen Hand
1900 Under Fate’s Wheel: A Story of Mystery, Love and the Bicycle
1901 High Stakes
1902 The Woman Who Dared