Hulbert Footner – A Bibliography

William Hulbert Footner was once described as ‘one of the most charming men who was ever on earth.’ His love for his family, travelling and writing is reflected in his stories, many of which are in the crime fiction genre. Footner also wrote non-fiction, romantic fiction, plays and poetry and his stories include:

1911 Two for the Trail – Non-fiction & ‘Two on the Trail’
1912 New Rivers of the North – Non-fiction
1913 ‘Jack Chanty’– This novel was based on Footner’s canoe adventure in the great northwest.
1914 The Sealed Valley
1917 ‘The Huntress’
1918 The Fugitive Sleuth & Thieves’ Wit
1919 ‘On Swan River’ – Originally published in the UK, it was republished in the USA under the title ‘The Woman from Outside’ in 1921
1920 The Fur Bringers
1921 The Owl Taxi & Country Love – This romantic novel was only published as a book in London, even though it was serialized in Munsey’s Magazine in the United States in 1920. The novel was adapted into a film of a different name, Youth to Youth.
1922 The Deaves Affair & Ramshackle House – This story was made into a silent film in 1924.
1924 Officer!
1925 The Chase of the ‘Linda Belle’
1926 The Shanty Sled & Madame Storey – This lead detective was Footner’s most beloved character, and entranced audiences with both her brilliance and beauty.
1928 The Velvet Hand, Cap’n Sue & Queen of Clubs
1929 The Doctor Who Held Hands & A Self-Made Thief
1930 Anybody’s Pearls & The Mystery of the Folded Paper
1931 Trial by Water & Easy to Kill
1932 The Casual Murderer & Dead Man’s Hat
1933 The Ring of Eyes & The Almost Perfect Murder
1934 Murder Runs in the Family & Dangerous Cargo
1935 Murder of a Bad Man, Scarred Jungle & The Whip-Poor-Will Mystery – Published in the UK as The New Made Grave
1936 The Kidnapping of Madame Storey & The Island of Fear
1937 The Dark Ships, Tortuous Trails & The Obeah Murders – Published as Murder in the Sun in the UK
1938 Death of a Celebrity
1939 The Nation’s Missing Guest & The Murder That Had Everything
1940 Murderer’s Vanity & Sinfully Rich
1941 Who Killed the Husband & Death of a Saboteur
1942 The House with the Blue Door
1944 Unneutral Murder, Orchids to Murder – Footner’s final novel, which was published shortly after his death & Rivers of the Eastern Shore – Non-fiction