E. Phillips Oppenheim – A Bibliography

Oppenheim published more than 100 books during his career, between 1887 and 1943. He wrote both novels and short story compilations. His works include:

1887 Expiation
1895 A Daughter of the Marionis & The Peer and the Woman
1896 The Wooing of Fortune, The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brow, A Modern Prometheus & False Evidence
1897 The Amazing Judgement & The Postmaster of Market Deighton
1898 As a Man Lives, A Daughter of Astrea & Mysterious Mr. Sabin
1899 The Man and His Kingdom & Mr. Marx’s Secret
1900 A Millionaire of Yesterday & The World’s Great Snare
1901 Enoch Stone (aka A Master of Men) & The Survivor
1902 The Traitors & A Secret Memory (aka The Great Awakening)
1903 The Yellow Crayon & A Prince of Sinners
1904 Anna the Adventuress & The Betrayal
1905 The Master Mummer & A Maker of History
1906 The Male Factor (aka Mr. Wingrave – Millionaire), The Tragedy of Andrea & A Lost Leader
1907 The Avenger (aka The Conspirators) & Berenice
1908 The Long Arm of Mannister/The Long Arm, The Governor, The Great Secret/The Secret & The Distributors/Ghosts of Society
1909 Jeanne of the Marshes
1910 The Lost Ambassador/The Missing Delora, The Illustrious Prince & Passers By
1911 Havoc, The Moving Finger/A Falling Star & The Golden Web
1912 Those Other Days, For the Queen, Peter Ruff & the Double-Four/The Double Four, The Tempting of Tavernake, The Lighted Way & The Court of St. Simon
1913 Mr. Laxworthy’s Adventures, The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton & The Mischief Maker
1914 The Amazing Partnership, The Vanished Messenger, A People’s Man & The Way of These Women
1915 An Amiable Charlatan/The Game of Liberty, Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo, The Double Traitor & The Black Box
1916 Mysteries of the Riviera & The Kingdom of the Blind
1917 The Cinema Murder/The Other Romilly & The Hillman
1918 The Zeppelin’s Passenger/Mr Lessingham Goes Home & The Pawns Count
1919 The Curious Quest/The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss, the Box with Broken Seals/The Strange Case of Mr. Joycelyn Thew & The Wicked Marquis
1920 Hon Algernon Knox Detective, Ambrose Lavendale – Diplomat, Aaron Rodd – Diviner, The Devil’s Paw & The Great Impersonation
1921 Nobody’s Man, Jacob’s Ladder & The Profiteers
1922 The Great Prince Shan & The Evil Shepherd
1923 The Inevitable Millionaires, Michael’s Evil Deeds, The Seven Conundrums & The Mystery Road
1924 The Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe, The Passionate Quest & The Wrath to Come
1925 The Adventures of Mr. Joseph Gray, Gabriel Samara – Peacemaker & Stolen Idols
1926 The Little Gentleman from Okehampstead, Harvey Garrard’s Crime, Prodigals of Monte Carlo & The Golden Beast
1927 Nicholas Goade – Detective, Madame and her Twelve Virgins, Mr. Billington The Marquis and Madelon, The Channay Syndicate, Miss Brown of X Y O, & The Interloper/The Ex-Duke
1928 The Chronicles of Melhampton, The Exploits of Pudgy Pete, Martoni’s Vineyard, The Fortunate Wayfarer & The Light Beyond
1929 What Happened to Forester, Jennerton and Co, The Human Chase, The Glenlitten Murder & The Treasurehouse of Martin Hew
1930 Slane’s Long Shots, The Lion and the Lamb & The Million Pound Deposit
1931 Sinners Beware, Simple Peter Cradd, Up the Ladder of Gold & Gangster’s Glory/Inspector Dickens Retires
1932 Crooks in the Sunshine, The Ostrekoff Jewels & The Man from Sing Sing
1933 The Ex-Detective, Jeremiah and the Princess & Murder at Monte Carlo
1934 The Spy Paramount, The Stranger Boarders of Palace Crescent, The Man Without Nerves & The Gallows of Chance
1935 General Besserley’s Puzzle Box & The Battle of Basinghall Street
1936 Ask Miss Mott, Advice Limited, The Magnificent Hoax & Floating Peril
1937 Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees, The Mayor on Horseback, Envoy Extraordinary & The Dumb Gods Speak
1938 A Pulpit in the Grill Room, The Spymaster & The Colossus of Arcadia
1939 General Besserley’s Second Puzzle Box, The Strangers’ Gate, Exit a Dictator, Sir Adam Disappeared & And I Still Cheat the Gallows
1940 The Grasseleyes Mystery & Last Train Out