Crime Starter Library

Author: Louis Tracy, Anna Katharine Green, Hulbert FootnerMaurice LeBlanc
Published: 1880-1937

This Cyanide Publishing Box Set contains four classic Crime / Mystery books including:


When artist John Trenholme accepts a welcome commission from a magazine editor to journey down to an old Hertfordshire village and make a series of sketches he did not in the least expect to get mixed up with a murder, and to find himself to be one of the most important witnesses.

A STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE (1880) – Anna Katharine Green

The beautiful young seamstress goes missing from handsome Mr. Blake’s house. He says he had never noticed her. In fact, everyone says he never shows an interest in any woman. But everyone’s wrong.

THE ALMOST PERFECT MURDER (1937) – Hulbert Footner

A collection of crime fiction short stories featuring Mme. Rosika Storey and her resourceful assistant Bella Brickley. Mme. Storey unravels complex cases with thorough investigation and an understanding of human nature.

ARSENE LUPIN (1909) – Maurice LeBlanc

Mystery and tension build but humor prevails throughout as Monsieur Lupin and Chief-Inspector Guerchard try mightily to outwit each other. Slapstick humour, witty asides, and some unexpected twists.