The Carter Legacy Box Set

Author: Wendy Saunders
Published: 4 August 2018


TANGLED WEB – The Carter Legacy #1
Cassandra Grayson leads a quiet life managing a library in Queens, NY. There’s only one thing missing… her sister.
Cassandra hasn’t seen her sister since the night their wealthy father died from a massive heart attack. She had only been five years old at the time and can barely recall the events of that night. All she can remember was that men came to the house and that it was the last time she saw her sister. Her alcoholic, emotionally unstable mother refuses to discuss her and will only say that she had been sent away to an exclusive boarding school in Europe. But, as the years pass by with no word from her, Cassandra begins to suspect there is more to her father’s death and her sister’s disappearance than she first thought.
Desperate to find answers she hires a private investigator, but when he turns up dead it becomes clear someone doesn’t want her looking into her family’s past. When wealthy businessman Jackson Evans stumbles into her life, with problems of his own, they realize his family and hers are inexplicably entwined in a web of deceit and murder, which spans two decades.
One by one, everyone who was in her home the night of her Father’s death, begin to die under suspicious circumstances and it becomes a race against time to uncover the truth, before she becomes the next victim.

TWISTED LIES – The Carter Legacy #2
Chloe Carter has spent the last twenty years as a ghost, hiding in the shadows, letting the world believe she was dead and all the while she was running from the nightmares of her childhood.
Now finally able to re-join the living once again and with her sister Cassandra back in her life, she desperately wants to leave her past firmly behind her. However, they have two half-sisters, one very much dead and one possibly a psychopath. Things were not looking up.
Starting with Parker Evans, a man she should want absolutely nothing to do with, a man whose own father caused her family nothing but pain. However, Parker refuses to be ignored and however much she wants to loathe him, they need each other. They both have secrets, a legacy of misery left by their fathers and if they ever want to be free, together they must uncover the truth.
When the body of a little girl is accidentally unearthed, they find themselves following a trail of cold case murders leading back decades and once they start digging they find something far more dark and sinister than they could’ve possibly imagined.

BLOOD TIES – The Carter Legacy #3
Katie Osbourne has never thought of herself as a Carter, let alone thought she had two older half-sisters. For the last eight years, all she wanted to do was raise her daughter, Hailey, and try to put her past behind her.
Only her past wouldn’t let her go.
With her ex-husband in prison and her psychotic twin sister dead, she’d thought she was finally free. That was until Detective Dexter came swaggering into her life with his vivid green eyes and quick smile. It’s enough to make a girl want what she knows she can’t have.
Part of the past she is trying so hard to run from is tangled up in a sticky mess with his family and he has no idea. So, when her violent and dangerous ex escapes from prison and she finds herself being stalked, she has no choice but to run again.
Suddenly the press are everywhere. News has broken about her father being a sick, twisted child killer and her sisters have been dragged into the media circus, who are portraying them unfairly.
She has to protect her daughter; if she stays, it’s only a matter of time before the press discover who she really is, or worse, Dex discovers the one secret she’s trying so hard to keep from him.
There’s only one problem – this time, running isn’t so easy. Faced with a choice, she must find the courage to tell Dex the truth and stand with her sisters or run, this time with fatal consequences