Lingering Shadows

Author: Rob Costa
Published: March 2018


A Detective Al Harris Cold Case.

Could the mass suicide of a cult in the 1970’s actually be the result of a cold-blooded murderer?

Striking a balance between the pros and cons of his job isn’t going to be easy, especially now that his reputation is growing. Harris has helped to solve a few more high-profile cases, and some people aren’t too happy about that. He thought that it would help get him more clients, and he’s getting noticed, all right—by the wrong kind of people.

Plus, tensions are running high with the new chief of police, Richardson. Richardson’s got a bone or two to pick with Harris, and Harris just might find himself with a few grudges of his own against the chief.

As if his personal problems weren’t enough, Harris has another case to solve. Back in the 1970s, cults were the big thing, and there used to be one just a town over from Woodlawn. Almost all of the members died in a mass suicide, but Harris is thinking it might not have been suicide at all, but a vicious and cold-blooded murder.