Echoes of the Past

Author: Rob Costa
Published: January 2018


A Detective Al Harris Cold Case.

A cold case crosses Al’s desk, a kind he never thought he’d have to face.

Al Harris is not, and was not ever, an art connoisseur. But when a desperate young Jewish woman comes to him, convinced that her family’s stolen art is hidden somewhere in Woodlawn, Al is persuaded to take the case, as unlikely as it is that priceless European art has ended up in this small town. Tracking down the goods will also mean delving into another unsolved case, a murder that took place in the 1950s—a case that is perhaps too cold for even Al to solve.

With his new secretary Judy at his side, Al takes on the double case and attempts to help a family put the ghosts of the horrific war—and what it cost them—to rest once more. That is, if the issues in the police department don’t put a stop to the whole thing.