Concrete Graveyard

Author: Rob Costa
Published: May 2018


A Detective Al Harris Cold Case.

No matter how deep you bury the bodies, their ghosts linger in the very concrete of a city.

Al Harris’s actions haven’t gone unnoticed. And not all that attention is good. There are some people starting to worry that the next cold case Harris solves will be one they’d rather stayed buried.

After being questioned by a couple of mysterious men, Harris comes back to find his office in ruins and Judy attacked—and all his case files stolen. Now he’s got a question on his hands: what is it about those cases that is so important? What is being covered up? And who is behind this attack?

The resulting investigation will take Harris away from the small towns he’s become accustomed to and back to the city of Chicago. The famous days of Al Capone and the Untouchables might be over, but the mafia still rules Chicago in its own way, and Harris is about to find out for himself just how alive and kicking they still are. Some of these powerful mob families go back decades, as do their sins.