Cold Case Volume Two

Author: Rob Costa
Published: February 2018


Three Detective Al Harris Cold Cases in one volume.

Snake in the Grass

There’s no such thing as a victim-less crime.

An invitation to help solve a twenty-year-old robbery is extended to Detective Al Harris. But, the case quickly takes on a mythical quality when the stolen money is recovered by a couple of boys who followed a map to the spot where it was buried. Only half of the money remains, so where is the rest?

Detective Harris takes the case thinking that a robbery with no deaths might be a pleasant break. However, as the detective delves deeper into the case he realizes that just because no one was killed in the robbery, it doesn’t mean that no one was affected by it. With hardly any evidence and only the word of a couple of preteen boys to go on, the detective requires all hands on deck to solve this one.

Echoes of the Past

A cold case crosses Al’s desk, a kind he never thought he’d have to face.

Al Harris is not, and was not ever, an art connoisseur. But when a desperate young Jewish woman comes to him, convinced that her family’s stolen art is hidden somewhere in Woodlawn, Al is persuaded to take the case, as unlikely as it is that priceless European art has ended up in this small town. Tracking down the goods will also mean delving into another unsolved case, a murder that took place in the 1950s—a case that is perhaps too cold for even Al to solve.

With his new secretary Judy at his side, Al takes on the double case and attempts to help a family put the ghosts of the horrific war—and what it cost them—to rest once more. That is, if the issues in the police department don’t put a stop to the whole thing first.

The Lost Boy

A young boy walks into a wood and vanishes. Twenty years later Al Harris is digging up the past.

When Harris starts to investigate the disappearance of a young boy twenty years ago, he thinks that it’s going to be a sad but open-and-shut case. But then he starts to discover signs that this wasn’t an isolated incident, that multiple boys were taken over the years, and that there might still be danger in the present day.

His new independence gives Harris purpose and motivation, but without the police department behind him, and perhaps even against him, will he be able to close this case and prevent the past from becoming the present once again?