Alex Landon Starter Library

Author: Gavin Reese
Published: 15 June 2017

Operation Barricade
Arizona drug task force detectives and SWAT teams begin using coordinated, small-unit military tactics to combat human trafficking and narcoterrorism, and quickly make several multi-million-dollar seizures. When the Mexican drug cartels retaliate by viciously targeting the officers and their families, how can the cops protect the community while fighting to defend themselves?

The Recidivist
Homicide detectives identify the lone suspect in a heinous double-murder as the victims’ son, a recently paroled meth-addict who adamantly professes his innocence and blames an unidentified killer. As politicians, police administrators, and the victims’ family demand the ex-con’s immediate conviction, mounting conflicts force detectives to question both his guilt and their moral and legal obligations to investigate exculpatory evidence.

The Toxin
Cops investigate a series of seemingly unrelated mass murders caused by an unknown bio-toxin. As hundreds frantically work to identify the agent and its antidote, the unidentified suspects begin targeting cops, prosecutors, and judges with such ferocity that law enforcement must choose between protecting the public and protecting itself.