The Mystery of the Indian Diadem

Author: Amelia Littlewood
Published: November 2017


A Sherlock Holmes & Elizabeth Bennet Mystery

Elizabeth Bennet goes to London to join forces with Sherlock Holmes once again and investigate what first appears to be an accidental death.

After the marriage of Jane and Mr. Bingley, Lizzie is invited to stay with them at their estate in London. She plans on meeting with Mr. Holmes again, in hopes of working another case. When she does call upon him in his London apartment, the two hit the ground running. Mr. Holmes has been retained as a private detective in the case of a murder and missing treasure. He is initially intrigued because the murder appears accidental and was ruled as such by the coroner.

Lizzie must learn to balance her newly found love of solving crimes with her family’s and society’s expectations of her. She is expected to settle down and marry, but her love of detective work and observation has eliminated her own desire to marry, especially as she begins to realize that it is possible to make a living from doing such things as solving crimes.