The Apparition at Rosing’s Park

Author: Amelia Littlewood
Published: January 2018


A Sherlock Holmes & Elizabeth Bennet Mystery

Rosings and Lady Catherine de Bourgh are visited by an unwanted midnight guest.

Newly-married Charlotte Lucas, now Mrs. Collins, has invited Lizzie to stay with her for a short while. At the same time, Lady Catherine de Bourgh is facing a mysterious problem that requires the utmost discretion. And who better to employ than Mr. Holmes?

Between the haughty Lady Catherine, the difficult Mr. Collins, and the socially tone-deaf Mr. Holmes, Elizabeth is going to have her hands full. And then there’s the rather proud and aloof gentleman who is Lady Catherine’s nephew. His arrogance and selfish disdain for the feelings of others immediately build in Lizzie an immovable dislike. Too bad that he’s also Mr. Bingley’s best friend and the man that Mr. Holmes once helped: Mr. Darcy.