Arthur Morrison – A Bibliography

Arthur Morrison wrote stories that were very realistic and included stories about life in the East End of London, Japanese art, newspaper articles and detective works. Morrison began writing in the 1880s and continued up until the 1930s. The stories that he published include:

1891 The Shadows Around Us – Morrison’s first book, this was a short story collection about the supernatural occurrences.
1894 Tales of Mean Streets – Collection of short stories about the East End of London, Zig-Zags at the Zoo & Martin Hewitt, Investigator – A collection of short stories about Morrison’s first detective, these were first published in The Strand.
1895 Chronicles of Martin Hewitt
1896 Adventures of Martin Hewitt: Third Series & A Child of the Jago – This was the author’s most popular book and told a realistic story of life in The East End.
1897 Dorrington Deed Box
1899 To London Town
1900 Cunning Murrell: A Tale of Witchcraft and Smuggling – A historical novel about an English soothsayer.
1902 The Hole in the Wall – Tale about a murder set in London’s East End
1903 The Red Triangle – A collection of Martin Hewitt stories, published in magazines between 1902 and 1903
1904 The Green Eye of Goona – A novel about a mystery, it was also published in the USA as The Green Diamond.
1905 Drivers Vanities
1906 That Brute Simmons: A Play in One Act – Morrison’s first play, this was an adaptation of one of the stories in Tales of Mean Streets
1907 The Dumb-Cake: A Play in One Act – Co-written with Richard Pryce this play was based on a story in Drivers Vanities.
1909 Exhibition of Japanese Prints – This was an illustrated catalogue that Morrison wrote the note and introduction for & Green Ginger – A collection of funny short stories.
1910 Exhibition of Japanese Screens…July 1910
1911 Painters of Japan
1912 Exhibition of Japanese Screens…January 15 to February 10, 1912
1914 Exhibition of Japanese Screens…January 26 to February 26, 1914, Catalogue of an Exhibition of Engravings in Colour by Hiroshige & Guide to an Exhibition of Japanese and Chinese Paintings.
1929 Short Stories of Today and Yesterday – Part of a series written with other authors, this was a compilation of some of Morrison’s best stories from previous books.
1933 Fiddle o’ Dreams and More – Morrison’s final collection of short stories.