Anna Katherine Green – A Bibliography

Green was an exemplary example for female writers as well as a leader in crime fiction stories. She wrote more than 40 novels, mostly in this genre, but experimented in poetry for a short period. Known as ‘the mother of the detective novel’ Anne Green’s work includes:

Detective Novels

1878 The Leavenworth Case
1880 A Strange Disappearance
1883 X Y Z: A Detective Story & Hand and Ring
1886 The Mill Mystery
1887 7 to 12: A Detective Story
1888 Behind Closed Doors
1890 Forsaken Inn
1891 A Matter of Millions
1892 Cynthia Wakeham’s Money
1894 Miss Hurd: An Enigma
1895 Doctor Izard
1897 That Affair Next Door – Green introduced Amelia Butterworth, a nosy, spinster that becomes an amateur detective, in this novel.
1898 Lost Man’s Lane: A Second Episode in the Life of Amelia Butterworth
1899 Agatha Webb
1900 The Circular Study – The third & final book in which Green included Amelia Butterworth.
1901 One of my Sons
1903 The Filigree Ball: Being a Full and True Account of the Solution of the Mystery Concerning the Jeffrey-Moore Affair
1905 The Millionaire Baby
1906 The Chief Legatee & The Woman in the Alcove
1907 The Mayor’s Wife
1910 The House of the Whispering Pines & Three Thousand Dollars
1911 Initials Only
1914 Dark Hollow
1917 The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow
1923 The Step on the Stair

Short Stories

1891 The Old Stone House and Other Stories including: The Black Cross, A Mysterious Case & Shall He Wed Her
1900 A Difficult Problem and Other Stories including: The Grey Madam, Midnight in Beauchamp Row & The Staircase at the Hearts Delight
1905 Room Number 3 and Other Detective Stories including: The Little Steel Coils, The Amethyst Box & The Ruby and the Caldron
1915 The Golden Slipper, and Other Problems for Violet Strange including: The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock, The Grotto Spectrum & An Intangible Clue

Non-Detective Novels

1881 The Sword of Damocles: A Story of New York Life
1882 The Defence of the Bride, and Other Poems
1887 Risifi’s Daughter, a Drama
1893 Marked ‘Personal,’ A Drama Within a Drama
1916 To the Minute; Scarlet and Black: Two Tales of Life’s Perplexities