Introducing new crime writer – Rob Costa

Rob is a proud New Yorker who left for a day but returned immediately. He works in the medical industry, writes in his spare time, and enjoys cooking for his wife Kaily.

Rob’s first book is called Hide and Seek, and follows the investigations of cold case detective Al Harris.

Mary Anne Cromway goes to the best. Fifteen years ago, she was stalked by a violent psychopath that police were never able to identify. As the stalker became more obsessive and threatening, her boyfriend Bobby went missing. The town assumed that troublemaking Bobby had been playing a trick and had decided to run away when he got in to deep—or that Mary Anne was behind all of it herself. They were especially suspicious when the stalker disappeared right after Bobby did.

Fifteen years later, Mary Anne received another note from her stalker. She knew exactly who to go to for help.

Download Hide and Seek today:

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